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Juniata Mennonite School Service
The educational goals at JMS include a social, outreach, and community component that is consistent with the Anabaptist world view of servant hood. These goals help to define why service is an integral part of the atmosphere at JMS.
JMS students will: respect individuals as created by God, and authority as placed there by God; show courtesy and respect toward all individuals while serving others;   exhibit Christian values and a good neighbor attitude through outreach activities; use conflict resolution skills,   cooperation, and teamwork when given the opportunity;  display sensitivity in meeting the needs of others in the community; demonstrate dependability and self- motivation when engaging in service projects; and develop and use God-given gifts. 
These goals go hand in hand with the spiritual, academic, and well-being goals. A graduate of JMS should be a well- rounded and adjusted citizen.
A servantís heart
Opportunities change from year to year, but service stays consistent on a yearly basis.
Mission and service at JMS starts early with helping others within the classroom and around the school.
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